Monday, December 13, 2010

The Kelly

On Tuesday December 14th I will be releasing the Kelly for sale on my Etsy site The Kelly is a Minnie Mouse inspired tutu set that comes with a pink tutu and mouse ears. The tutu will be sewn and made from high quality pink tulle that has white polka dots sewn to it. Customers will be allowed to pick from any of the 3 bows I offer for their mouse ears. The description on my Etsy site will read like this.

The Kelly is an adorable Minnie Mouse inspired tutu set that your daughter is sure to love! The tutu is carefully sewn together and is made from high quality pink tulle. I sew the white polka dots to the tulle to ensure they stay in place. This tutu has 5 to 6 pieces of tulle per inch to make sure it is full and beautiful. The elastic waistband I use will stretch 2-3 inches, which will allow your princess to enjoy the Kelly for years.

The mouse ears are also included in this set. Please indicate which bow color you want on your mouse ears. You can choose from red, pink and fuchsia. The ears are made from felt and can be cleaned by using a damp cloth.

This tutu can be gently hand washed and I will include care instructions with each order.

To view all of my tutus please click the following link:

This will be followed up by my standard write up materials that include the sizing chart, order instructions, and shop policies. Please let me know your thoughts and give me feedback on changes I could make to my write up to make it more intriguing.

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